Introducing PREHAB!

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming surgery or you're an athlete preparing for an upcoming season, Blue Sky Therapy's PREHAB treatment options are available to prepare you for the best possible outcome.

There are two approaches to Prehab- Pre-surgical and Pre-season prehabilitation - both intended to strengthen, promote healing and prevent injuries.


  • Poor pre-op strength in patients leads to increased post-op morbidity in elderly patients.
  • Studies show patients that receive Prehab, save an average of $1215 on post-op care.
  • Patients that receive Prehab have a decrease in hospital readmission.
  • Prehab is most beneficial to surgery involving:
    • Cardio
    • Chemotherapy
    • General
    • Orthopedic


  • Target Patients are athletes and student athletes, to assist with preventative exercises.
  • Individualized sport specific strengthening.
  • Coach and school screenings available for faulty movement patterns.
  • Prehab upon hire to prevent worker's comp cases with increased manual labor.

If you have questions regarding a Prehab program that is right for you, contact our team of experts today!


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